Day 4 Friday 21/10/11

Steve & Carol
Fri 21 Oct 2011 13:08

32:25.71N 11:43.34W at 10 am UTC

Both slept better. Good day sailing well under Mizzen and cruising chute since first light with the boat motion much better. Still having to gybe once or twice a day. I made fresh bread and Steve tried fishing – after 2 hours he got a bite – a large dolphin fish (it was beautiful turquoise and yellow) and after a fight he managed to reel it to the side of the boat – however the line broke while trying to get it out of water so the poor thing swam off with a lure and 4ft or so of line in its mouth, in a way I was pleased as not sure we would have coped with killing it – however it will probably have a worse death with the lure left in so feel bad about that. It was the first fish we have caught and we would have preferred a smaller one! A Turtle swam by the boat which was strange to see. So far this trip we haven’t seen any dolphins or whales – I did see some whale spouts yesterday but not the whales! We tried various ways of contacting Rafiki the boat we set sail with but all attempts to email via sat phone were returned eventually via my brother in law we did get a message to them which was a relief. We got a message from Rafiki in response to the email which said they had altered their plans and had headed for Porto Santo on Madeira (so we stopped trying to call them on the VHF!)