Nassau, New Providence , Bahamas

Steve & Carol
Tue 22 May 2012 17:50
25:04.51N 77:18.66W From the anchorage we saw a good fireworks display at Highbourne marina which was followed by a bad night with 30 knots of wind from the West and Southwest which wasn't predicted and meant we were anchored maybe 100m from a rocky lee shore – not a great place to be especially on a dark windy night! So after little sleep we set off early for Nassau harbour with the other boats we had been anchored with, the others are now all anchored  further in the harbour. Before coming here I had contacted a friend I went to school with many moons ago in Brighton – Vicki, who had arranged for us to be able to pick up a buoy. Vicki was here to meet us when we arrived and has been wonderful, taking us to her home for long hot showers, she also offered to do our washing as well as feeding us this evening when we met Oliver her husband. We have had a great day, I haven't talked so much for ages and we haven't started to catch up on the last 30 plus years! Our arrival is good timing as its Vicki’s birthday tomorrow and we are invited for supper again with her family and friends. The weather still isn't great they are predicting 9 inches of rain to fall here in the next 3 days – we should be able to fill our water tanks to supplement the water maker and may venture out to do some cleaning but if its raining that hard hopefully it will clean the boat without our help.