Cayos De Cana Gorda, Puerto Rico

Steve & Carol
Thu 26 Apr 2012 19:53
17:56.86N 66:52.29W We had a pleasant couple of days in Salinas, caught up with the laundry, did a bit of shopping for stores and yesterday hired a car and went for a drive into Ponce and then up to the mountains. The views turned out to be disappointing as we were in the clouds. The roads were very tortuous through the rainforest and some on the map we were given hadn’t been built yet. This made for an interesting tour  around places we hadn’t intended to go, in other words lost. The locals are probably the friendliest we have met so far, there is no begging and any help is willingly given without expecting a reward.
Today we have headed further west, we were expecting to have to motor as the forecast was for light easterly winds however we had 12–20 knots and had a good sail. We are anchored behind a couple of small islands and are wondering whether to move on or not tomorrow.