Steve & Carol
Tue 26 Apr 2022 20:38
39:06.60N 001:30.90E
With the wind and swell coming from the north west it was time to leave Cala Llonga and head North - it looked as though we should be able to get some protection tucked into Cala de San Vincent but when we got there a couple of monohulls already anchored were rolling in the swell so we carried on past and headed for Portinax, the wind died and so we motored around the top of Ibiza, on route we noticed what could have been a stray fender and headed over to it - it turned out to be being used as a fish pot/net float - however as we approached it Steve took the engine out of gear to slow down only it didn’t go out of gear! on closer inspection the gear cable had broken 🙄, Steve could lift the floor and manually put it into neutral and reverse but from the helm we could push it from neutral into gear but not out of gear, luckily we noticed this before we were trying to anchor so when we approached the anchorage in Prortifax, Steve had the floor up and and as we approached he took it out of gear while I  helmed, we anchored fairly easily this way (though it was a little stressful for me as I didn’t have as much control as usual) and once hanging on the anchor steve put engine in reverse to make sure we were dug in.
Portinax was beautifully calm, again crystal clear water - sadly we spent the next few hours pulling the boat to pieces to change the cable and didn’t make it ashore!