Steve & Carol
Sun 24 Feb 2019 22:40

09:28.21N 078:37.495W

Chores done we set off for the 4 mile trip to meet matador again and sailed slowly up to anchor south of Kuigaladup behind a reef. I went for a snorkel to see what was about and found a small lion fish and a lobster, Stu disposed of the ion fish and the lobster was left in peace, there were a large number of small fish in the shallows but not many bigger ones - you really need to snorkel the outside of the reefs but it was too rough for me! Stu and Steph who free dive with large fins and spear fish here a lot went out but they said the water was too churned up to see much anyway. In the evening we had a lovely evening meal and drinks with Stu and Steph.

m_DSC07944 m_DSC07943

Reef we were anchored behind with Ogopsibudup in the distance

m_DSC07946 m_DSC07947