Day 1 of Hannahs Visit

Steve & Carol
Wed 7 Sep 2022 11:51
43:28.597N 016:02.087E
After returning the hire car and doing a bit of grocery shopping we headed off, due to the weather and time of Hannahs return flight we have decided to head north again towards Zadar We managed a bit of a sail but the wind was light and so we only went a few miles and anchored in a nice spot, soon the paddle boards were in the water and we were out having a play - of course Hannah has had a go before in UK and was more proficient than me 😂. After that we all got in the water for a bit of a snorkel, Hannah went off to look for some fish while Steve and I started to give the hull a clean - it was surprisingly grubby with a fair few little barnacles and some hard wormy bits! Soon Hannah joined in and we made good progress, we didn’t manage to do the whole lot though I only got about half my side done while Steve and Hannah did better on theirs, the water is cooling down now so we won’t get too many more opportunities to get in and give it a clean (unless we don wetsuits 🥶).