Steve & Carol
Tue 19 Jul 2022 13:30
42:40.271N 018:07.252E
We decided to head a few miles south again to see if we could fill our UK gas bottles near Dubrovnik, there are quite a few gas refill services on the website / apps we use for info but they don’t say which bottles can be filled so it's trial and error. We headed up a steep sided inlet with the Rijeka Dubrovacka flowing down it and anchored in front of the ACI marina with one other boat. Once we were happy that the anchor was well dug in and we were not causing an obstruction for boats coming and going we set off up river to find the gas filling station. First looked for somewhere to leave the dinghy and found a dock which said max stay 15 mins so left it there and went to find the place, it was fairly easy to get to and after only a 5 minute walk we were there, the very nice attendant soon had the 6kg calor gas bottle filled for the equivalent of about £13 - we only took one with us in case it couldn’t be filled so made a second trip with the second not quite empty tank which was filled as well. Happy we now don’t have to worry about gas for a few months we returned to the boat. We had thought about getting a bus into Dubrovnik from the anchorage but overnight there were catabolic winds funnelling down the river and so in the morning we headed out - Dubrovnik will have to wait!