Beaufort, North Carolina

Steve & Carol
Sun 3 Nov 2019 18:00
43:42.87N 076:39.86W
We set off early for Beaufort, though chilli it was a beautiful bright day.
We didn’t take the wind direction into consideration for timing when we arrived in Beaufort and consequently had to wait to get under the bridge, its supposed to be 65ft at high water but the board was on about 63ft and we are 63ft 6 ins so not wanting to chance damaging the equipment on the top of the mast we decided to anchor for a few hours and wait until there was more height! 
We got through when the board said about 63 1/2ft without touching our antenna etc and made our way to Taylors Creek to anchor, always a busy anchorage we managed to find a spot just in the channel, we will move as soon as there is somewhere out of the channel that is deep enough for us. 
Dianne very kindly delivered the outboard parts to us and first thing in the morning Steve will be mending it 😁.