Day 8

Steve & Carol
Fri 5 Jan 2018 13:51
19:05.81N 36:32.85W
We are still going well and have covered another 169 miles in the last 24 hours, personally I am rather bored of the constant force 5-6 wind and would like a little less as the sea will then settle and I may be able to actually do something constructive, looking back at last time we went across we had force 3-4 for a lot of the journey – took longer but more comfortable, I think I am going to be disappointed as last forecast showed wind staying fairly constant,  we will see what todays shows?  Nothing much has happened – high light was seeing 2 aeroplanes flying towards South America on my night shift – they are the first planes I have seen since the Canaries.
We have been having issues with the Satellite phone and computer not wanting to talk to each other, and emails taking forever to send and weather to download, so far we are managing to send them switching things off and on etc but yesterday it said sending failed however the messages went from the outbox so we guess they did go? If we stop new entries don't be alarmed it is just technology letting us down,in such circumstances I will message my sister on the sat phone and let her know all is well.