Sao Jacinto and Aveiro

Steve & Carol
Thu 9 Sep 2021 15:56
We spent a few days here while there was either no wind or southerly winds, we were had a visit from the Maritime Police again who were very nice, they took all our details and information (on paper again) 😂, also had a nice chat about Aveiro and Steve asked for wine recommendations so they wrote down the name of a cheap and a not so cheap good Portuguese local wine, turned out to be a good recommendation -  we found some in the local shop for €2.60 and it got the 👍🍷👍 from Steve so we have a couple more bottles now!

We decided to have a day trip to Aveiro with Simon and Lucy, though we have anchored here a few times before we have never made it to Aveiro for a visit 🤔, its a ferry and bus ride - cost all of €5.10 return each!  
Innamorata from the ferry 
Aveiro is apparently hailed as the Portuguese equivalent to Venice, it's perched on the shores of a coastal lagoon and boasts a few canals which are a reminder of its trading past. Brightly-coloured moliceiros - traditional boats used in the past for harvesting seaweed, cruise the city's canal network, who’s bridges are decorated with colourful ribbons. Aveiro's old town buildings are decorated with traditional tiles and streets cobbled in traditional Portuguese style. 
We had a coffee and our favourite Portuguese pastries - naughty but very nice 😃 by one of the canals before wandering along the canals and through the old town, stopping for another drink and heading back to catch the bus. 

All in all we had a very nice day out in Aveiro followed by a wander around Sao Jacinto to do a bit of shopping. 

Sharing the anchorage with us is the wreck of a the 77 ft racing trimaran Ultim Emotion which capsized off Porto 2 years ago, built in 2001 it won the Route Du Rhum in 2006 when it was called Gitana 11  - it's such a shame to see it rotting no doubt totally unviable to repair etc! Hopefully it won’t sit here till it sinks!