Steve & Carol
Sat 26 Jan 2019 14:53
08:39.84N 077:25.36W
We arrived Obaldia just after 8am, we had decided to try to anchor here and check into Panama as the next check in is right at the west end of the islands and so a few weeks away still, being Saturday and apparently the Pope has been visiting Panama so there are government holidays we  weren’t too hopeful that we would manage to check in and if we did succeed we thought we would get charged overtime fees, when we arrived there was swell rolling in and we were on a lee shore riding the waves - not great! After we anchored it was decided that one person would stay on each boat and the other go ashore, normally everyone needs to go in person to immigration, we thought the girls may have to go in afterwards.
Tom, Greg and Steve went ashore in Toms dinghy to see if it checking in was possible, (Sharon and Chris on Quicksilver hadn’t anchored when the boy went ashore). Steve had our hand held VHF to keep everyone informed and we soon learned that things were going well they had checked in with the Police and had moved on to Immigration - who didn’t mind the we weren’t there, finally they moved on to the Port Office to get their cruising permits - after which they had to copy the zap and passports and hand them in to the police - luckily there was a copier in the shop next to immigration! Tom collected Sharon to go and check in by which time Immigration had gone to lunch! eventually they all returned and after a quick bit to eat we upped anchor and set off for Puerte Perme at about 2pm.
Checking in team returning to the boats.