Sao Jacinto anchorage

Steve & Carol
Sat 4 Sep 2021 17:31
40:39.52N 008:43.82W
We had a short trip south to Sao Jacinto on the north side of the Ria De Aveiro, we managed to motor sail for a while but with the wind speed down below 5 knots we gave up and just motored, the weather really isn’t being kind for sailing at the moment, there has been little wind and although it does pick up in the afternoon evening it isn’t for long enough to make a decent length passage, with southerly winds forecast in a couple of days we had the choice of motor / sail overnight down to Cascais which is open to the south or head into San Jacinto to wait until the southerly winds have passed and then hope there is some favourable wind to move on further 🤞.
We were surprised that there weren't any other sailboats here which meant we could pick where we anchor, the prime area is full of small local boat moorings and there is a big shoal which comes out from the wall so space is limited.