Steve & Carol
Tue 30 Jan 2018 14:01
Steve noticed that when you check-in they charge overtime after midday so we went ashore to check in, get some EC$ out and have a look around. The first night we had fun and games it was windy – well the whole time we were there we had gusts of up to 38 knots squalls. The first night we had gone to bed early as tired and the anchor watch app alarmed a couple of times – all looked OK until the 3rd time it alarmed which was at 5 am! we had definitely dragged anchor – our first real drag! It was pitch black and blowing 20+ knots, we tried to re-anchor a few times and it either didn't hold or we ended up too near other boats, by the time we eventually got the anchor to hold it was daylight and at least we could see what we were dropping it on and where other boats were – it’s very hard to see them especially if they don't have anchor lights! I  went for a snorkel over the anchor to see if it was dug in, it wasn't totally buried but pretty well set, the bottom which we had thought looked sandy from on board was actually much coarser and rocky where we were, Bequia is described as poor to moderate holding so we didn't feel too bad and remember a few boats dragging when we were here last time.
Apart from going snorkelling and giving the bottom of the boat a quick clean we stayed on board for the rest of the day, it was wet and windy at times and we were reluctant to leave the boat, Steve did go and say hello to another Ocean Cruising club boat who came over for sun downers.
Busy anchorage during a rain bout.                                                                         the following day – what a difference 24 hours makes.
Pretty island when the sun is shining.
20180130_103855   DSC00210Again it was intermittently windy the next day so we snorkelled off the boat and off the dinghy nearer the shore and did a bit of hull cleaning, although the copper bottom seems to be working well there was a thin layer of slime on it and a few areas of brown growth, we seemed to have a trigger fish that had set up residence under our boat – it was quite bold and came very close to us which was cool. Bequia is a turtle hotspot and we saw a few turtles surfacing around the boat although we didn't see any when we were in the water Sad smile, Steve did see a spotted Eagle ray.
During a gust that night our Anchor chain snubber rope broke with a bang and the snubber fell to the seabed so the next day I went down to get it – i have to admit I put my dive bottle on as couldn't get down without it!
After a couple of days we headed south to Canouan to meet friends, we hope to return to Bequia again as we didn't get to go ashore and explore as we had hoped.