Francis Bay, St Johns, USVI

Steve & Carol
Mon 25 Mar 2013 20:39
18:21.98N 64:44.84W Steve had a good Birthday, unfortunately Craig and Karene had to leave early, Steve and I went for a dive in Christmas cove in the morning, ate and drank on board Outsider in the evening.
Today we have moved on to St Johns, most of the island is under the control of National Parks Services, all the anchorages within the park have mooring balls to protect the coral and sea bed so we are on a mooring ball. Its a little windy so the water isn't that clear but we went for a snorkel anyway, didn't bother taking the camera and you can guess what happened, yes lots of turtles just feeding on the sea grass, they weren't bothered by us at all, 2 came up for air a few meters away from us, gave us the once over and went about their business. We have seen turtles before but not so close and for so long it was a really nice experience .