Iles des Saintes

Steve & Carol
Thu 1 Mar 2012 21:13
15:52.05N 61:35.19W Boug De Saintes, Terre d'en Haut, Iles des Saintes. We had a good sail in strong winds which seems to be the norm here this year. We are making our way North to be in Antigua soon to meet some friends who are coming to stay so we wont be here long. We enjoyed Dominica and did a bit of site seeing, went up the Indian river, visited Cabrits national park and of course socialised. Dominica has some real poverty, I find it hard to get used to islands where some people live in tiny shacks (garden shed size) yet a taxi driver will ask for 300 US dollars to take a 6 people on a trip – I think the fact that the have a lots of cruise ships at Roseau has made them all greedy and the cruise customers no doubt pay that much! We don't although they will drop the price if you haggle, we either get the bus or don't bother! I took lots of photo’s and a few are quite good so I will add them when we have internet (I am posting this via the satellite phone).