Peter island.

Steve & Carol
Sat 16 Mar 2024 14:28
18:21.5887N 064:35.0021W
The wind and swell had become more southerly and by the morning we were bouncing around, we had agreed to go over to an Oyster 53 that had come into the anchorage yesterday afternoon when Sergei had snorkelled over and said hello, and although it was rolly launching the dinghy we felt we should honour that before we left, so we headed over, were welcomed aboard Luma by Angelika and Sergei, invited in for coffee, Angelika is a fantastic artist, where we have photos as memories, she showed us some of her many oil canvases of people and places they have sailed to - beautiful and such a lovely way to remember places. We really enjoyed our visit with them - they are heading south though so we may or may not see them again here in the BVI’s before they move on! 
Afterwards we upped anchor - there had been 8 or 9 boats last night but there were just a couple left after we had gone and they were leaving.
We headed over to Peter island, Pintail had gone to Great harbour yesterday and said it was flat calm in there, Hahalua had left while we were on Luma and both were anchored at the head of the bay - we chose a spot on the side where we have been before. Soon I was in having a snorkel - of course - no camera when there were some lovely little things to take pictures of like the 2 bearded fireworms that were just waiting to be photographed, numerous Christmas tree worms, small fish and the highlight - a large eagle ray swimming under the boat when I got back!
The following morning we headed round to deadman’s bay with Hahalua to do a dive off Deadchest island - again we all went in Johns dinghy - when we got to the dive site it was a lot bouncier than I had thought it would be when we passed it on Innamorata - anyway again I aborted the dive - I hate it when the surface is a bit rough and my mask just kept filling up so I didn't want to dive! when we got back we realised that on Steve's spare reg the plastic had disintegrated as well and although it still worked and is mendable with a replacement part we really need to get some new dive gear! Our regs are 19 years old now so it's not surprising they are tired! 
Afterwards we headed back to Great harbour and anchored again ready to head over to pintail for sundowners - it's a hard life! The boat in the picture once belonged to Eric Clapton!
The Following day we decided to head to Tortola to get a few fresh veg and see if the dive shops sell any gear!