Steve & Carol
Fri 8 Apr 2022 20:26
37:24.34N 001:34.51W 
We set off early the next morning and headed to a town called Aguilas, the bay is in 2 halves - on the left side the harbour wall offers better protection from wind and swell coming from the south west while the other side offers protection from the easterly swell! We anchored tucked behind the harbour wall, Rockhopper being a catamaran kindly anchored on the more exposed side to allow us and Falkor to get out of the swell and we anchored tucked behind the harbour wall. Again the town was better than we had expected with a lovely large square and some great street art, as well as good shops including a Lidl.  
We had a couple of days there before we moved to the other end of the bay when the wind and swell were coming straight into the town end, hoping for some protection, it was still pretty uncomfortable at times though luckily we were tucked in out of the worst of it initially and managed to  go ashore and explored a little, however the second night was really rolly and so first thing in the morning we upped anchor and headed off.