Sardinia to Sicily

Steve & Carol
Fri 10 Jun 2022 18:00
38:00.655N 012:29.941E
With another early start we upped anchor at 7, we started out with genoa and mizzen as it was down wind and gybed our way towards the south coast of Sardinia! We spent the day changing sails - MPS up MPS down, main up etc and made good progress we were sheltered from the swell while we sailed in the lea of Sardinia but as we came out of its protection the swell rolled in on the beam making sailing and keeping the sails full challenging! Sailing alone often meant that the sails flogged badly and so we motor sailed on and off! the sails still flogged and we furled genoa and sheeted the main and mizzen in hard - however come 5am in the morning on my watch I noticed that the main sail had ripped - god knows when as I hadn’t checked it for a while and so it was damaged more that necessary 😠! I quickly woke poor Steve from his sleep and we took it down - very luckily I did bring our old sail from 2004 back while we were in Gibraltar so at least we have that until I can assess and repair the damaged one! Having got the main down we decided to head off and sail slowly with genoa and mizzen as we weren’t going to get to Sicily before night fall, what was the rush! On route we saw 4 turtles and a dolphin, we don’t remember seeing more than a couple of turtles when we were here before, hopefully it's a good sign that they are thriving!  We eventually got to Trapani at about 1am the following morning, you have to call port control before you enter and so Steve called them and we were given permission to go in but told as we said we had a problem with our sail we could stay 48 hours - instead of the 24 hours he said initially - nice welcome! 
Luckily it is a fairly big anchorage inside a harbour and Craig had left his AIS and a light in his cockpit to help guide us in to a spot he had said looked good, soon we were anchored and 10 mins later we were in bed!