Steve & Carol
Sat 22 Jun 2013 09:38
47:08.10N 15:24.43W at 0900 UTC. We have had a windy night as the low passed above us with force 7 winds gusting to 8 at times, we were all grateful for the cockpit enclosure and the protection it offered us from the elements, Innamorata is well reefed with a tiny bit of genoa and  a reefed mizzen and have been making good progress covering about 160 miles in the last 24-hours, the wind is now north-westerly and the sea fairly big. The wind will stay with us today then diminish and back as the low heads for the UK. With the wind behind us the wind generator gets poor air flow due to the mizzen mast yesterday and as we haven't had any sunshine for a few days and the batteries were low,so we put out our towgen, it slows us down a little but we are still making about 7knots SOG and our batteries are now very happy again! We are still talking to Vaiva who are much closer to home than us and should get to Falmouth on Sunday.