Eustatia island, Virgin Gorda. BVI's

Steve & Carol
Wed 10 Apr 2013 19:22
18:30.54n 64:21.82w
We have spent the last week or so going between Peter and Norman islands diving, snorkeling and having a good time with our Australian friends, as always though it was time to move on, Outsider left a couple of days ago for St Martin and we left Wyuna this morning after a final evening on board. We set off today to sail south hoping to manage to head for Guadeloupe before going down to Martinique to meet friends, the wind however had other plans so we tacked up to Virgin Gorda to get a better angle of wind if we are able to head off tomorrow. We are anchored opposite Richard Branson's Necker island in a pretty bay, not sure what our plans are tomorrow, we will wait and see exactly where the wind is coming from.
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