Gerry joins us.

Steve & Carol
Sat 27 Apr 2013 17:51
27/04/13 We spent our time waiting for Gerry to arrive doing some repairs - our Genoa’s sacrificial sun strip suffered on the sail down here, we had noticed that the stitching had rotted before we left the BVI’s but hadn't had the chance to get the sail down due to the strong winds and it was falling off by the time we arrived in Antigua. We set my machine on deck and it took us the best part of a day to repair with Steve having to help me move the sail around. Steve has been busy repairing bits ready for the crossing and we both did some more sorting out of cupboards.
On Thursday Gerry finally arrived after a long tedious journey from Grenada which involved 4 flights and took 11 hours, Steve went to collect him at 2200 local time. We had decided he was very brave to fly here to sail home with us without meeting us first (Gerry is agreeing as I type this)! Its amazing its such a small world – Gerry is with us because he is a friend of Ken and Sheila in Nassau and they put us in touch with each other but Steve and Gerry lived in the same part of London in the 60s and now Gerry’s neighbour is a Dr who I knew at Great Ormond Street! Gerry has already taught us how to play cribbage – Steve won!
Yesterday we went to the shops to get a few provisions before heading for Deep bay where we hoped the water would be a little clearer for  snorkelling. Today we sailed back to jolly harbour to meet up with Ian and Wendy from Outsider again.