Day 7

Steve & Carol
Thu 28 May 2020 07:55
47:41.37N 013:14.91W
After updating the blog and downloading a forecast, of course it's changed so we tack and head for North Spain instead. The wind in the new forecast isn't going to veer so we are too far north. We headed towards Spain for around 12 hrs then tacked again just before dark and are now on a more promising course to England, we'll see what the next forecast says shortly.
Life on board now is less comfortable, more like a fairground ride with someone throwing buckets of salt water at you throughout the day and night. It's a F5 with short seas and Innamorata is leaping off the waves and dropping into the troughs, only three more days of it though. Dinner last night was tinned Chili and there's no fresh baked bread in the foreseeable future.
All well on board