Day 7

Steve & Carol
Sat 20 Jan 2024 18:58
14:48.49N 042:49.14W
We had a fantastic day sailing yesterday with poled out reefed genoa, reefed mizzen and reefed staysail for 10 hours, best ever 24 hour run of 176.9 nm.
We have had the catamaran Goa6 back on AIS since early yesterday afternoon, at midday they only 8 miles south of us.
Today wind and seas have picked up and we are down to further reefed Genoa and mizzen still averaging over 7knots. I can’t say it’s comfortable but Innamorata is doing a fantastic job and we are managing some rest although both tired.
Having Starlink on board is fantastic, I was able to WhatsApp video call my mother on her 96th birthday from mid Atlantic, it was wonderful to see her and other family members ❤️.