Vulcano - Porto di Ponente

Steve & Carol
Thu 27 Apr 2023 15:02
38:25.215N 014:57.23E
After a short motor round to the other side of the island we anchored in Porto Di Ponente - the anchorage we spent a night in 2005 with Lou, then the surface was covered in pumice stone and we were treated to a gorgeous sunset so we had always looked forward to returning here. Today there wasn’t any Pumice stone but as evening came we were indeed treated to a gorgeous sunset with Lipari and other volcanic island peaks in the background
Shore access is a lot easier in this bay as there is a small dock the dinghy can be left at and as a bonus there isn’t any ferry activity. After a peaceful night we decided to head off fairly early to walk up the volcano, donning walking shoes / boots and carrying some water and some snacks.
The walk was hard work and I struggled, sitting down a few times and saying I wanted to turn around, (I wasn’t just struggling with the walk up but the thought of having to get down as well - Im not very good at walking downhill at all) however Steve cajoled me into carrying on and I'm very glad he did, it wasn’t actually that far. Initially the path was mainly loose gravel and although not too steep in most places it was tricky to walk on, as we made our way slowly up the volcano we were surprised not to see more people - we were overtaken by a German couple and met an english lady coming down who had climbed to the top in the dark to watch the sunrise 😬.  After a while the trail turns into a stone path which had once been paved with rocks but had since broken up, this was considerably easier to walk on and thankfully in the shade 😁 after that section you think you are going to arrive at the top but you just get to the crater's edge and can’t actually see inside it - there is a trail along the crater ridge, thankfully fairly flat and leads around the crater  to the highest vantage point.
Porto Di Levante in the background

The views were worth the walk, Porto Di Ponente with innamotata anchored. 
The Crater with the volcanic islands of Lipari, Panarea and Stromboli in the distance.
The crater rim with Porto Di Ponente with innamotata in the distance 
Path along the crater rim.
The highest point with Mount Etna in the distance 
On our way down we met a lot more people including a large group of teenagers on a school outing, we were very glad we had done e walk early in the day when it was still pretty empty of visitors. 
Over the next couple of days the anchorage filled up, we met solo sailor Mark on Grace Richard, and some boats we know - Zoe and Martyn on Sancerre and Jean and Yolene on Caffe Latte arrived. 
There wasn’t much time to socialise as the wind was due to come in from the west and so we all moved to different places - we decided to go to Lipari and see what it was like there!