Steve & Carol
Tue 3 Oct 2017 12:27
37:00.04N 007:56.25W
I'm Flying home for a few days on Friday so we are looking for somewhere near to Faro Airport for Steve to stay with the boat, we had heard that the anchorage at Faro was quite nice and convenient for the airport so we set off to check it out.
We arrived early afternoon on the top of the tide and anchored as near the town as we could – nearby we spotted a Swiss boat we met in Brighton a few years ago when he passed through there – small world.
Steve went to explore in the dinghy its not easy to negotiate the marsh banks and as I will be getting back in the dark he didn't fancy picking me up in the dinghy etc there, also no convenient cafe / restaurants for him – Steve does not cook!  As the tide went out it got quite smelly and very buggy in the evening so we will head somewhere else tomorrow – I would be happier with him in a Marina – easy access to food, company etc so it will be Vilamoura or Albufeira.
Faro river – mud banks lots of wild fowl – Egrets, Spoonbills etc but not very pretty!
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