Fort Pierce

Steve & Carol
Mon 3 Jun 2019 23:26
Fort Pierce turned out to be the home of one of innamorata’s sister ships - Inner Voice who we had not heard of before, however from our anchorage we could see her and so we went to take a look and left our card for her owners who later emailed us and popped over to meet us in their dinghy. Inner Voice lives here at the end of their garden and has been owned by David and Lee for 15 years, she a pretty, dark blue ketch who is a few years younger than Innamorata - she has a lovely rubbing band which seems to be common on the latter boats. 
We also went walking around the town which oddly has a large population of wild peacocks who have apparently been here since the 70’s when they were bought by a businessman for his garden and have increased in numbers and long since moved out of the garden. Cars stop to let them cross the road and they roam free in what is apparently known as the peacock district of Fort Pierce.
We are heading off for Beaufort, North Carolina in the morning.