Sipanska Luka, Sipan

Steve & Carol
Thu 22 Sep 2022 16:55
42:53.166N 017:26.977E
As we headed on south we wondered why on earth we hadn’t checked out at Korcula and headed across to Brindisi? The weather forecast for the Dubrovnik area is deteriorating and we seem to be heading into the worst weather, We looked at every weather forecast model trying to decided where to head to and thought maybe we would have to head for a marina but at over €100 a night we thought we would take a look at an anchorage Lucy and Simon had liked and stayed in for a few days on Sipan island, the bay is at the head of a long indentation and offered good protection from every direction except the NW, once in the bay we were nicely surprised to be able to anchor right in the middle, there are about 8 bouys around the edge belonging to a couple of restaurant's, a quay which holds 6-8 boats and a ferry dock, on our second day the harbour master did ask us to move a little bit further into the bay to give more room for the ferry - fast cat to turn when it leaves the dock. 
Ashore there is a shabby little village with a few bars / restaurants, a hotel, one small shop and little else! Quite a few of the properties are derelict which is always sad to see, the ferry comes in early at 06.45 from Miljet on its was to Dubrovnik and returns at 1900 so I guess some of the villagers probably head to Dubrovnik to work every day and the others make a living from tourists. 
The quiet before the storm - well not so nice weather!