Day 20

Steve & Carol
Thu 30 May 2013 20:48
38:27.64N 30:24.11W
At the start of day 20 we have just over 100 miles to go, the wind is very light from the course to the Azores so we are motoring at low revs to conserve fuel and ensure that we arrive in daylight tomorrow morning. Three other boats are probably diverting to the island of Flores as they don't have enough fuel to get to Horta! We are lucky we are that bit ahead of them with a reasonable fuel tank which by my reckoning has about another 60 – 70 hours fuel left! We have all suffered from the north-easterly wind and its going to be an expensive fuel stop. Straight line distance from Antigua to Horta is 2167 and so far we have done 2532 zig zagging our way there! From the Azores its another 1200 miles to the UK!!!!
Just seen our first Sperm whale as I write this – yippeeeeeee!