Socialbe time in Slano

Steve & Carol
Tue 19 Jul 2022 15:30
42:47.164N 017:53.101E 
In light wind we picked up the anchor and had a slow sail down the river. 
We didn’t make it to the bridge before the wind died and we ended up motoring, so we headed to a nearby Donje Celo anchorage on Kolocep and anchored for something to eat and hopefully wait for some wind. 
Despite the many trip boats / ferries dropping people off on the island it is a lovely spot - not much room though, we were the only boat anchored.
After an hour or so the wind picked up and so we headed off to see where it would take us. The wind was a little fickle and of course it was from the direction we wanted to go in but we have time and so we tacked our way between the mainland and islands.

We enjoyed the trip and even didn’t mind the tacking, we could have done without the many passenger boats who stick to their path no matter what’s in their way! 

The wind died just outside Slano bay so we went in for a look, just as we were anchoring someone called - hello Steve! - we hate it when that happens and we haven’t recognised a boat we know anchored 😬, Kevin and Dee on Kejstral were anchored near by and so plans were soon made to go ashore for a drink later with the other boat Maddie Mae anchored in-between Kejstral and Innamorata, Kevin and Dee.
Once settled we went for  swim to cool off and then showered and went ashore for that drink, Kevin and Dee had arrived earlier today and Yvonne and Paul who have kept their boat in Croatia for a few years and are now heading towards Greece to explore further afield. 
We had a lovely evening and gained some useful information about Croatia, Kejstral is also heading south then back to Turkey where they have been based - they have just sold Kejstral and are taking her to her new owner in Turkey where they have been based! 
The following morning Yvonne and Paul headed off and we headed over to the small chandlery in the bay and got Steve a paddle board - ideally we wanted one you could attach a kayak seat to but as we have been looking since we left Gibraltar we just got a regular one, Steve has had a go on one before but I haven’t and don’t think my balance will be good enough to stay up on it, I have and love my kayak but find it a bit boring by myself so after some practice hopefully Steve will be able to join me and we can go off together to explore! We had been warned that on Thursday some mini cruise boats come and dock here for the night however we weren’t expecting there to be quite so many of them! Though there are only 9 in the picture there were 10 once the last one arrived at dusk! Quite why they raft alongside each other we don’t know there would be room for them to all go stern to and a lot less strain on the inner most boats lines and cleats! Most of the boats were quite empty and there wasn’t any noise at all from them once docked.
We went to Kejstral for sundowners and had another lovely evening with them, they are off in the morning so we won’t see them again this year - maybe in the future as they are looking for a blue water boat to head off in and so paths may cross again?

I took the opportunity to finish making a Spray hood screen cover - I had patterned and cut it out but not sewn it so out came the sewing machine and I finished the project - hopefully it will not only help reduce UV damage to the screen but keep the sun out and the cockpit cooler! 
Having finished that we decided to move on to an anchorage just on the top of the island out side the bay we were in. Then just on our way out of the bay putting mizzen up when a  voice on the VHF called us, after changing to the appropriate channel Steve from Jack the Lad who we had spoken to in Mahon and sailed past them in Montenegro but not really met properly asked if we were leaving because we saw them coming in 😂, we immediatly changed plans and went back to anchor where we came from and invited Steve and Janine over for drinks once settled, another great evening it's so nice to be meeting and spending time with people and that’s now 3 nights in a row of socialising - think we better leave tomorrow!