The Bight Normans Island via the Indians.

Steve & Carol
Thu 2 Jan 2020 19:04
18:18.98N 064:45.12W
We set off towards Normans Island and picked up a buoy at the Indians to do our first dive of 2020, when we were about to get in the water someone shouted our names and we looked up to see our friend Jon who skippers the super yacht Genevieve in a large dinghy smiling at us, what a lovely surprise - he had seen us on AIS as he sailed to the Bight, Normans island and came over to say Hi, as he had clients on Genevieve he would only be able to pop out for a short while in the evening, we agreed to see him on Innamorata later! We went ahead with our dive around the 4 large rock towers and were very pleasantly surprised by the coral, sponges and fish the colours were great and visibility much better than now the wind had subsided. 
After diving we headed into the Bight and anchored. Endless Summer, Blue Velvet, Balou and Wild Iris had all made there way there as well and so we had sundowners on Innamorata with Jon and everyone. 
The following morning Jon came over early for coffee and a chat before he headed off, it was great to catch up with him. 
We decided to dive the Indians again with Erica, Jos, Mark, Nicky and Reg and all set off in our dinghies, again we had a great dive,Blue velvet have a dive compressor but the others don't so we are a bottle filling station for them after each dive.
Love these, not sure what they are though 🤣
On a roll we decided to dive Angelfish reef at the North west tip of Normans Island the following day. Same divers and again we set off in our dinghies. Another good dive, we had a dive plan to follow although I don’t think we did the route below it was helpful to have a diagram. Again great colours - coral sponges and fish, we saw a nurse shark but I missed the ray that swam by - too busy looking at other things!
  Can you spot the octopus trying to hide from us?
I also snorkelled to the Caves around treasure point with Lisa, saw another nurse shark and lots more fish - sadly the battery on my camera decided to run out before we got to the caves so no pictures but very pretty and timed well as after we emerged from them 2 trip boats turned up so it go a little crowded!