on route to the Cape Verdes Day 1

Steve & Carol
Tue 29 Nov 2011 14:11

26:15.22N 18:02.49W

We're off to Sal in the Cape Verde 800 nm from the Canaries. We managed to leave La Gomera at 2 o'clock in the afternoon yesterday after coffee and farewells with Walter and Annerie from Ikinoo. One of the rowing boats was practising outside the harbour and I noticed on the AIS that they were moving at 1.2 knots, a long journey I think. After a slow start the wind eventually picked up at about eight and have been sailing since then. Wind mainly force 4 so not a fast sail but very comfortable. We deployed the new tow genny in darkness and that has just about kept us on an even keel as far as power consumption is concerned. In the morning once the sun came out we are now charging the batteries so hope that on this trip we won't have to run the engine at all. Two other boats left the same day, Tsolo and Cormorant both American we spoke to Tsolo on VHF this morning and will update each other with our positions each day via email. Hopefully our Satellite phone problems are sorted – we tried a different data cable from the phone to the computer and fingers crossed it seems to be OK. We are planning to update our blog each day soon after 2pm UTC with our progress. So far we have briefly seen some pilot whales and a pod of dolphins.