Steve & Carol
Tue 1 Nov 2011 15:26

We have had a very nice stay at the anchorage outside Rubicon Marina – not great holding as bottom stone and sand but safe enough and quite a few other boats around to keep an eye out. The weather has been warm but cloudy for a few days.  We found a new navigation light and a few other bits we wanted in the chandlers there – its a branch of the English Marine super store. Steve also got some heavy duty line for his fishing rod so hopefully next time we catch something the poor thing wont end up swimming off with a mouth full of hook and lure – (has to be worse than a quick kill). 

Life is slow most of the time at anchor we get up potter about, mean to do loads and then after shopping, talking to other people, being invited for drinks etc. the day is gone and we haven’t done much at all except socialise! Very nice but feel somewhat lazy! We were joined by Loud and Marlene on Rafiki a couple of days ago, it was great to see them again and catch up, we are also meeting more boats who are now all going our way, some are Americans on the last leg of their circumnavigation, others from New Zealand or Australia are half way round, some are on 2nd time around etc. - make us feel like real beginners however they are all very friendly and welcoming, they have mostly either sailed with or met each other or at least know of each other - a bit like a big family which is nice.

Anchorage at Rubicon


We have just left Lanzerote heading for Fuerteventura we are planning to go down the east side for a few days to avoid the large sea swell from the west predicted to be on its way Thursday.

When we upped anchor a little star fish was happily attached to it! m_DSCF0662