Stari Stand bay on Klement Island.

Steve & Carol
Wed 27 Jul 2022 17:08
43:09.456N 016:24.918E
The pattern seems to be favourable wind for moving north in the morning and then it dying at about 11am and switching to a more westerly direction when it returns! So we set off sailing until we were south of Scedro island when the wind died and a short squall with 20knots on the nose came through, we decided to turn around and look at the anchorages on Scedro - although they didn’t really appeal we went and had a look - we didn’t much like the look of them and they were pretty full, by now the wind had reduced and so we motored on to Paklinski islands, the first couple of anchorages were very crowded and full so we kept looking for a spot, there were lots of boats heading into the anchorages so we chose a sub optimal spot in Stari Stand bay on Klement Island in-between a charter catamaran and a German flagged monohull - I don’t think the germans were very impressed - why do people feel the need to get up on the pulpit naked before diving off to check we hadn’t snagged their anchor then sit need staring at us!! It's not that we mind people being naked on their boats etc but why they have to stand about, lean against the mast  or generally dangle everything as much as possible is beyond me! The charter boat on the other side of us had children on board so please show some consideration! Anyway that aside as the anchorage is narrow and deep in the middle we had to go stern to the shore and get 2 lines on the rocks behind us - we have done this before but not since we were in Greece in 2005! So when the anchor was down we lowered the dinghy and Steve put his shoes on and paddled ashore with the 1st rope - not easy the weight of the rope pulled him away from the shore and once he did get there the rocks were jagged and sharp so dangerous for him and the dinghy! He succeeded in getting the end secured around a sticking up bit or rock and came back to the boat to take the next one, secured it before we pulled up on the anchor and put the snubber on. Somewhat hot now, Steve donned snorkel and mask and went to check the anchor - it wasn’t dug in so I pulled up some more until it dug in a bit - not great but we weren’t going to do all that again! We both had a bit of  snorkel around before getting out and having something to eat The forecast had shown the possibility of thunder lightning showers and strong winds at around 7pm and we were very glad to be where we were when the the weather came through, we were very sheltered and the wind was blowing us off the land so all good. There was a large flotilla of boats looking for an anchorage for the night, most of them spent the time treading water or milling around trying to get into some shelter until the weather passed, they were heading one at a time into the next bay to go stern to, next to each other but it took them a couple of hours to all get safely anchored! 
Screen shot of the lightening around the area - most of it was to the south of us near Vis, after the weather had passed the sky turned red!
We didn’t have a very good night as for some reason swell began to roll in in the middle of the night and so it was pretty hard to sleep! We were glad to be on our way again! 
This is part of the next bay with the flotilla all next to each other anchored with stern lines to the shore