Day 12

Steve & Carol
Mon 2 Jan 2012 14:42
14:16.31N 52:19.60W at 1400 UTC
Well the good news is that the wind instrument recharged itself and worked again from 1800 yesterday , however it gave up at 0800 this morning so will leave it off for longer today in the hope it sees us through the night (its dark here from about 2130 –0930 UTC). Not such good progress as we’d hoped but still making our way there only about 450 to go. We got caught up in some squall's last night which kept us awake! During one nasty one when we were both in the cockpit a bowl managed to hurl itself at the galley tap and turn it on, when I came in I found a lot of water everywhere in the galley, it was slopping about on the counter top, in the draws etc, although most ended up in the bilge! At least with the squalls the sails and boat are now clean! today its sunny with good wind although the sea is a little lumpy and confused at times. We are looking forward to a good night sleep in Barbados.