New Year

Steve & Carol
Wed 1 Jan 2020 18:56
We had a great New Year’s eve, some of the group started drinking a little early at the Soggy Dollar in the next bay, while we went for a snorkel near by, then after getting ready for the evening it was off to Endless summer to start celebrating, we toasted the UK new year at 8pm our time and then went ashore. 
Onboard Endless Summer.                                                           
The dinghy docks were packed with dinghies but we managed to squeeze in and tie up with a long line. Soon we had all met up and went to Foxy’s to see what the live music was like, we stayed for a while then went for a walk along the busy short waterfront with stalls and pop up bars.
At Foxy’s           Jos and Erica                    Reg and Nicky
 Innamorata is out there somewhere!
We met up with the others at a bar and with cheaper drinks before heading back to Foxy’s for midnight. Not long after we headed back to the boat and left the hundreds of youngsters to party well into the morning.