Steve & Carol
Sat 22 Dec 2012 21:04
Well we have got a few jobs done in the last few days – well Steve has!
There is now a new wind generator up our mizzen mast which we finished fitting the day before yesterday and by this morning our batteries were fully charged (its been nice and windy for the past 24 hours), we are really happy with it so far and have been using lots of power and the batteries are being kept topped up. Today we took the wind/tow gen down which has been hoisted in the mizzens rigging since we got to the Caribbean, we will now be able to use the mizzen sail when ever we want with ease again.
The dive compressor is now fitted in its new box on the back deck with a nice canvas cover and the SSB has been move from its temporary home to a permanent position in the saloon! We have still had time to see friends both on shore and in yachts, its amazing how many of the boats passing through we have come across before. 
Fitting wind generator