Bullocks Harbour, Great Harbour Cay, Bahamas.

Steve & Carol
Tue 11 Dec 2012 20:22
25:45.78N 77:52.46W Our time in Fort Lauderdale was busy doing a couple of repairs and getting last minute provisions for the Bahamas, America has been great but everything is always a long walk from the dinghy docks and trips to the chandlers and shopping can take most of the day so we didn't really get to see much else in Fort Lauderdale, we did get a glimpse of a manatee though. So with a good wind forecast we left early yesterday morning to get out of the anchorage (which has a very shallow channel) before low water, filled up with fuel and water and set off, I was a little apprehensive about crossing the gulf stream as we set off however the bumpiest bit of the trip was where the sea bottom falls away from the shallow coast. We sailed through the night slowing down and hoving too for an hour  before day light as here too its shallow, only 2 meters at low water on the way in and as our draft is 2.2m we wanted to arrive as near high water (which was at 5am) as we could, but needed daylight as well to get across the shallows so we arrived and were anchored by 09.15 this morning. We have come to the Berry Islands as we didn't visit them before, its good to be back in the clear water again and already there are 2 remoras under the boat, no doubt hoping for scraps. Steve dinghied ashore to check in, you are meant to go into the marina at a cost of $70 but luckily he got there when the customs and immigration office was checking in some other yachts and checked us in without having to take the boat into the marina, it helped that he needed to go and check a cruise ship in as well somewhere else on the island so was in a hurry. We are now relaxing in the sun, tomorrow we will explore.