Walk to Market at Madame Bernard, Ile a Vache

Steve & Carol
Thu 14 Feb 2013 17:54
As there are no roads on the island you either get about on foot, on horse or donkey or by boat, the islands market is held twice a week in the town of Madame Bernard about 5 kilometres away from Caille Coq, many of the locals wanted to be our guide as they said it was hard to find but we decided that the adventure of trying to find it on our own would be more fun so we set off, the way was easy once we found the  right path out of Caille Coq which took a while! The path is well trodden and a little on the rough side in places!m_PICT0025
We passed locals working the land, these oxen are as high tech as it gets here.
Along the way we had lots of company, as it was carnival week the children didn't have school these two wanted to walk with us preferring to hold Steve and Denis’s hands
They all love to have their pictures taken and see themselves on the digital camera.
The market at Madame Bernard
Its difficult to take photo’s here as many of the adults don't like to be photographed or to have their animals or produce photographed.
Apart from a few bakeries and very limited shops the market is where everyone shops, many of the locals walk there twice a week to but or sell produce or clothes many of which are second hand clothes. I got 6 grapefruit for the equivalent of 30p as well as christophines, cabbage and tomatoes.
Instead of a car park there are horse, mule and donkey parks.
Those that go by boat moor off the town
And on the way home we had more company, got overtaken by some cattle on their way home with 3 boys in tow
We met a lady called Vilna at the market, she had been to our boat to offer to do our laundry (which we had declined) and she wanted to walk with us as well, when we reached her home she invited us to meet her children and family, her home was small and basic but very tidy, I didn't think it appropriate to photograph it but take her picture with her 4 girls.
All in all we had a great day, this is a beautiful place and most of the people are friendly, they live very simple lives and have very little, of course there are also many who ask for money to pay for schooling etc, it costs $50 a year to send your child to school and uniform is compulsory, the children you see in tatty clothes which don't fit most of the time all dress up for school.
The second time we walked to Madame Bernard was on a school day and the children we saw were on a morning break.m_PICT0005