Day 11. On the move again

Steve & Carol
Tue 21 May 2013 11:55
31:09.94N 46:50.20W at 12 UTC We had a quiet day yesterday sailing slowly and then resorted to engine power again in the night in the hope of getting out of the ridge we were in, at 3 am a line of clouds approached and we began to come under the influence of the edge of a low pressure system, by 6am the wind picked up again and we have been having a good sail since then in 11-15knots, though its raining on and off and the sky is overcast we are having a good time and Innamorata’s loving it.
We hope we can ride this system for a while and by 12 md today we will have 1000 miles to go as the crow flies.
All we need now is a fish!!