St Anne's and Le Marin

Steve & Carol
Fri 2 Feb 2024 17:56
We stayed longer than we planned  Our first night in St Annes John and Lucie invited us over to Hahalua for a meal to celebrate our arrival - Steve was treated to some swordfish which John had caught and we had a great evening. The next night we were fed again this time by Heather and Bob on Amorgos Blue and had another great evening.  We moving between St Annes and Le Marin a couple of times restocking the cupboards and socialising with friends - some of whom we haven’t seen for a long time! Met up with up with Fedor, Ksenia and their 2 children who we met in Monastir and visited their new to them boat for a lovely evening, Anina and Charles from Prism who we first met in 2012 and last saw in 2018 as well as some other cruising friends. It was far too easy to stay there and soon we realised we had been there for a week and so it was time to move on.