Portimao again

Steve & Carol
Sun 10 Oct 2021 14:31
34:07.709N 008:31.574W
We spent about a month hanging out in Portimao, its a lovely town with everything you could want, nice beaches, cheap cafes, good shopping and some gorgeous sunsets!
We’ve been having a great time - made some new friends, met up with people we’ve met on previous sailing adventures and seen friends from the UK who have been on holiday and life is fairly normal - of course masks are worn inside (and everyone wears them!) and where you can’t socially distance but the weather is warm enough to sit outside when socialising.  
Historically the town had a big sardine canning industry and the remnants of the industry are everywhere from the canning museum, to statues, wall tiles and the old canning buildings with their characteristic chimneys - which all have stork nests on the top!
The boats at anchor are forever changing some heading south to Canaries and beyond, some are heading into a marina for the winter and the owners fly home,  others like us are just hanging out on the Algarve. It's very easy to stay here and just move further up the harbour if needs be to get better protection from swell rolling in or SW winds, sadly the water is too cold for us to swim but we do try to go for walks although not as often as we should.
Occasionally there are cruise ship visits - this is one of the better looking ones,  we have also had dolphins visit the harbour in search of dinner!
We have done a few boat maintenance jobs and Steve fitted a new diesel heater we had delivered to friends in the marina, (yes it does get chilly here, its been a bit cooler than we were expecting 😬).  Steve broke a tooth and needed to see a dentist even that was easy -  first clinic we went to said they could see him a little later that morning - by lunchtime he had seen the dentist and for a very reasonable amount of money and his problem was solved!