Arrival in Horta, Azores

Steve & Carol
Thu 14 May 2020 19:13
38:31.73N 28:37.48W
We have arrived in Horta at 11.30 so it has taken 21days, 2 1/2 hours not fast but we managed to largely avoid bad weather and stressing the boat unnecessarily, we chose to go slow rather than get battered. There has been a mass exodus of yachts today heading to Europe, it seems it was the first weather window for a couple of weeks for them to set off, looking at the weather we will be here for a while. Shortly before we arrived Steve had a fright when a whales surfaced next to us - Steve said he could have stepped onto its back, he shouted to me but by the time I went on deck it must have realised we were there’d it was gone, it was the second close encounter when we really didn’t get a good enough look to see what type of what of whale it was.
We are unable to go ashore at all which is a shame but we knew before we left that was the case, Peters Cafe are doing provisioning for the boats here and we have been visited by them in their rib already to give us the info we need to contact them etc. Sadly there are no laundry services and the weather is grey, wet and miserable here so no chance to dry some bits if I wash them onboard😩.