North River, ICW, North Carolina.

Steve & Carol
Thu 28 Jun 2012 19:58
36:11.73N 75:56.5W
We had a good sail today went through our first opening bridge in the Alligator river and negotiated the shallow channel at the exit of the rivers, one yacht was firmly aground waiting for tow boat US to tow them off, they had been following their GPS charts not the markers! We joined Tow boat US in Charleston as there are many groundings along the ICW and it can cost over well over $1000 to be towed off if you are not covered. Today's fun was wondering why we had suddenly slowed right down to about 3 knots? we were in a crab pot mine field so guessed we must have got one caught on the keel or skeg so took the genoa down, went head to wind and stopped, low and behold amongst the field of blue floats an orange one popped up (no doubt its owner will wonder where its gone to), once free we continued on our way and are now anchored in North River, the next place we can stop is another 40 miles on so we have called it a day, early.