July just hanging out with Friends.

Steve & Carol
Mon 31 Jul 2023 14:12
We spent a few days hanging out in Santa Ponca before we headed to Torranova for a few days and then to try some new anchorages and check out a pick up place for family we have visiting.
We headed to S’Arenal and anchored outside the marina - not a bad spot and close to the airport - it's a 13min taxi ride from the airport, downside is the marina aren’t terribly accommodating for dinghies - they want €20 an hour 😱😡, we managed to sneak in - (as others do) to get gas bottles refilled and some shopping, we won’t be going into the marina to pick visitors up though! 
Fron S’Arenal we headed the short distance down and anchored off the cliffs near Cala Vella with Steve and Janine on Gigi - probably the nicest snorkelling spot we’ve been in for a long time, there was even a little ray hanging out on the bottom below Innamorata.
We only spent one night there before heading on to anchor near Isla Gavina for a few days before heading back and having a nice cruising chute sail back to Santa Ponca where we stayed for over 2 weeks! In that time we met Krissy and Paul on Crazy Ivan, went for drinks with them, Steve from Gigi and Steve from Fair Isle (3 Steve's at a table can be a bit confusing 🤣), we also were invited to Crazy Ivan for drinks before we went out for a very nice Pizza with Krissy, Paul and some other friend's of theirs.
With Krissy drinking Mojito’s (mine of course didn’t have alcohol in 😂)
We were having a lovely social time in Santa Ponca but we do get itchy feet and needed to move, we decided to check out Peguera all of 1.5 miles away 😂 (don’t need to move far) and anchored there for a couple of days, it turned out to be a lovely spot - sadly no dinghy dock so I got to go ashore by myself and go to the Mercadona and lidl supermarkets there to stock up, Santa Ponca is a good anchorage but there are really only Eroski supermarkets which are OK but Mercadona is better and has a good range of produce while Lidl is good for cheese, vegetarian bits and cereal! With visitors due in a few days I made a couple of trips and filled the fridges and cupboards 😁. From Pugera we stopped half way back to Santa Ponca and anchored off the cliffs again to snorkel and make water before heading back to Santa Ponca the following morning