Portimao once again.

Steve & Carol
Tue 17 Oct 2017 11:48
37:06.802N 008:31.301W
I flew back from UK on 12th October and we stayed in Albufeira for couple more nights – we weren't going to leave on Friday the 13th!
We set sail on Saturday for Portimao again and arrived to see a few familiar boats anchored here.
Sunday was a grey and windy day  in the afternoon Steve went to say Hi to Rowan – on a Kiwi boat we have met before and while he was gone a Dutch solo sailor’s anchor dragged and he was getting in trouble trying to manually haul anchor up and was dragging towards the harbour wall – I managed to alert Steve who went with Rowan and helped the poor chap once he had recovered his anchor and got things under control decided to go to the marina rather than re-anchor. He was very grateful for the assistance not only was he exhausted from trying to retrieve anchor but he had fallen and hurt his face as well.
Yesterday we went into town – after some research I have decided to buy myself a kayak – as space is always an issue we can only get a short one as we have to stow it on deck when on passage – I am now the proud owner of a Mambo - unfortunately I seem to have caught a cold and cough in the UK I am waiting to take it for a spin until feeling better.
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