Little Ragged Island

Steve & Carol
Thu 12 Mar 2020 15:38
22:09.85N 075:43.169W
We were the first boat to leave shortly followed by the 3 others in the harbour - today was a good day to head off, we were heading for the Ragged islands which are about 135 miles North West of here and a bit off the beaten track so we are hoping that there won’t be too many other cruisers there (parts of the Bahamas get very crowded in the winter).
We had a good sail with a lovely sunset, moon filled night and arrived at the Columbus bank at first light and had a twenty mile or so sail through the turquoise shallow water.
Soon we were anchored off little Ragged Island with 2 French boats and an American Catamaran on the other side of the anchorage. Unfortunately the freezer has stopped working again so it looks like we will have to do without until we can find someone with a vacuum pump to evacuate it, re-gas it and hope that sorts it!