The morning after Sandy

Steve & Carol
Tue 30 Oct 2012 17:00
Well its 1pm here and we have got back from checking that Innamorata
was still there and all was well on board. it was a relief to drive
into the yard and see her 2 masts still standing. We missed the worst
of the storm which as I am sure everyone knows hit the east coast
above us battering New Jersey and New York as well as much of the
Atlantic coast especially Atlantic City.
We had 50 + knots wind and 12inches rain - but there seems to be no
real damage around here, there was a yacht who stayed anchored in the
bay where we are lifted out they took a battering, dragged anchor,
lost their dinghy and mizzen sail was shredded when the wind went to
the SW. We stayed in the house which was very protected in here so the
wind wasn't as high as at the yard.We really can't thank Bill and
Lydia enough for their kindness, we would have been very cold damp and
tired this morning had we stayed on Innamorata.
The yard are hoping to get us in water on Thursday or Friday - need
the ground to dry a little before travel lift starts to move boats. It
will then take a day or two to put everything back in its place and
get the sails on etc before we can head south.