Caraminal to Porto Pedras Negras

Steve & Carol
Sun 22 Aug 2021 10:30
42:24.60N 008:54.67W
We haven’t ventured ashore yet as we haven’t checked into Spain - the nearest Port of entry is Baiona so we are going to slowly make our way there as there is no weather opportunity to head on to Portugal for at least a week. After a couple of days not doing very much today decided to move on and had a very pleasant sail 11 miles to an anchorage near the mouth of the Ria - its an anchorage we haven’t visited before. The beach was busy with locals but its a nice enough spot and the weather is sunny with a nice breeze so warm enough to be pleasant. 
After we anchored I did our laundry and Steve tried to get the small 2 Hp outboard going (which was my fathers and is about 50 yrs old) we have brought with us from UK, last time we used it it stopped working so Steve took the bottom of the Carb to pieced and cleaned it out - seemed to work for a while but stopped again so still a way to go before its reliable enough to trust!
Fishing is the main source of income for this area and in the mornings there are numerous small boats with compressors on board whose fishermen dive on long hoses and collect shellfish from the bottom, As muscles and Oysters are farmed on lines hanging from platforms, I think they are diving for cockles and clams but not 100% sure. The floats can be a few hundred meters from the boats and the hoses float but are really hard to see so you need to give them a wide berth when moving around!
These fishermen were harvesting muscles as we left Caraminal.