East Lemon Cays

Steve & Carol
Fri 15 Feb 2019 22:38

09:33.86N 078:51.628W

Our visit to Coco Banderos ended the next morning when we all (Honey Ryder, Lulu, Quicksilver and ourselves) decided to go to East Lemons to offer any help or support we could. We set off early and had a nice sail, on the way we saw a couple of Portuguese men o’war (jellyfish) on the surface and heard people on the VHF report sightings in the Holandes anchorages as well as the East Lemon Cays. When we arrived there were a few more rally boats and arrangements had been made for Q4 to be sailed to Shelter Bay marina that evening, skippered by Steve from Wanderlust and with Rommy and Rhonda as crew, Wanderlust now with Jutta as crew and Island Kea would accompany them and Steve Sam Rommy and Jutta would sail back on Wanderlust. I think Rhonda appreciated that everyone came to offer help and support and we all had a chance to talk to her for a while before they left.

We spent a couple of days at east Lemon with the others waiting for Wanderlust to return, restocked from the Veggie boat and I did some kayaking with Di and found our own tiny island!

m_PICT0590 m_PICT0598 

Steve helped Jeff up his mast a few times to fix his lights – while up there Jeff took this picture of a couple of the islands.


 Wanderlust was delayed with engine fuel problems and so we headed off to West Holandes to meet Matador again.