Bonaire part 3

Steve & Carol
Wed 12 Sep 2018 17:06
I know its taken me a long time to get around to posting this – been too busy having fun Rolling on the floor laughing.
In all we spent just under 3 months in Bonaire, its an easy place to stop at and just stay put for a while, most things are within walking distance and there is a shopping bus – paid for by Van Den Tweel supermarket which picks up from the marina and takes you to their supermarket so shopping for heavier items is easy. We made alot of new friends – some of whom are doing the same Ocean cruising club rally to the Western Caribbean that we have signed up for in a couple of months, however – they are mostly in group 1 and we are in group 2.
We spent a lot of time diving, as well as diving off the boat or dinghy as well as doing a couple of great shore dives with Bob and Anne from Baloo – they had hired a pickup for a few days and invited us on two dives with them, the first one was Tori reef and the second was at the Salt Pier both are towards the south of the island near the salt pans and both were excellent dives.
m_DSC03692  m_DSC03695
m_DSC03702 m_DSC03705 m_PICT0543
m_GOPR5705 m_GOPR5731 m_GOPR5802
m_GOPR5806 m_GOPR5815 m_GOPR5969
 m_GOPR5692 m_PICT0555 m_PICT0565 m_PICT0119m_PICT0222
We also did some dives at Klein Bonaire - some we did from the dinghy and some from big boats .
We found some seahorses on Sampler second time we dived there – Seahorses were on my wish list of things to see underwater in Bonaire,m_PICT0202 m_PICT0008 m_PICT0040
As always we loved seeing Turtles, Rays, Porcupine fish, Honeycomb Cowfish , Queen Angelfish, French Angelfish, Damselfish, schools of  Yellowtail Snappers, Drumfish and resting Greater Soapfish – we only ever saw them asleep or resting!
m_PICT0650 m_GOPR5932 m_PICT0790 m_PICT0183 m_PICT0049 m_PICT0193 m_PICT0194 m_PICT0007 m_PICT0337 m_PICT0322 m_PICT0275 m_PICT0590 m_PICT0334 m_PICT0600 
Then there is the beautiful colourful coral, sponges, plands Anemones and Christmas tree worms
m_PICT0254 m_PICT0288 m_GOPR5989 m_GOPR5992 m_PICT0053 m_PICT0220 m_PICT0055 m_GOPR5731 m_PICT0191 m_PICT0223 m_PICT0262 m_PICT0052m_PICT0450 m_PICT0926 
Of course I cant miss out some photos on one of my niece's favourites'!
m_20180907_145350 m_20180907_145333
The down side of Bonaire was the constant dust in the air which covered the boat this screen turned red/brown every 3 days – you can see the difference with some of the mesh laid on top of it, it only rained a couple of times while we were there and so the boat got very dirty – we washed what we could when we arrived in Curacao. Also there were jellyfish larvae / sealice  which I react to – Steve feels them sting but gets no marks where as I get red lumps which itch intensely and last for about a week!
A few days short of our allowed stay of 3 months we headed off for Curacao – we have booked Innamorata into a marina and we are flying home for a month.